Biens and our corporate social responsibility agreement

We believe that small actions are not sufficient to protect our environment, but that we must be conscious that we can have a beneficial or harmful impact on our environment, our natural surroundings, on our children...

Some of our employees use the train and bicycle to go to work.

Every employee’s working hours are arranged based on their family and sporting commitments.

Interns employed only for short-term, specific tasks (Example : latest commercial initiative, in Russian, with three Russian-language Master LEACA students at the University of Burgundy. Undertaking to provide a central unit to the academic institution in exchange for this work).

Our doors are open to students in order to enable them to discover the business world.

Use of porcelain cups for daily tea and coffee in order to eliminate disposable cups.

Participation to a charitable initiative to sustain the fight against child abuse.

Importance of workplace ergonomics. Creation of adjustable packaging lines, of specific trolleys to meet the different assembly and logistics requirements, purchase of a conveyor belt, replacement of wired screwdrivers with lighter batterypowered units, use of ergonomic seating for all of our employees.

Provision of an area to store and heat meals, as well as to eat on site.

Lights are switched off at noon every day.

Encouragement not to print unnecessary e-mails.

Participation in workplace first-aid rescue training, and soon in fire protection (how to use a fire extinguisher).

Updated CACES licences.

Compulsory wearing of PPE, and reviewed as necessary to ensure daily comfort and safety.

Travel and paper correspondence minimised in favour of new technologies (web, emails, Skype...).


OUR CHALLENGE: Reduce musculoskeletal disorders at work and enable everyone to work in good health.

This provided the inspiration for our latest range of Koncept ergonomic seating. The result is a system which auto-adapts to user’s movements and morphology.


Specific action for the environment in all of our processes :

General services :

Selection of a thinner paper in order to reduce our impact on woodland destruction.

Letterhead printing by selecting printers who apply FSC principles and criteria; they comply with the following management rules so that our woodlands are able to meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of current and future generations.

Recycling of advertising fax materials, unsubscribing when of no interest, and paper recycling for use as note paper.

Renovation of part of our roofing to integrate insulation materials enabling a reduction in our energy consumption.

Installation of our assembly line in a closed, well-lit and heated workshop. Lower energy wastage and better quality of work.

Sub-leasing of unused premises in order to optimise our space.

Installation of calorie counters on our heating networks (measurement taken monthly).


New products development :

Marked interest in new technologies (3D printing) and search for applications within our industry.

Creation of «Design wooden Koncept» ergonomic seat

Selection of wood for its environmentally friendly character

Use of existing components and optimisation of our know-how

Mechanical adjustments in order to avoid using hydraulic adjustment

Creation of fabric Koncept seat (mastery of upholstery skills and showcase for French manufacturing).

During the design of this new range, use of existing components and proven technologies whenever possible.

Work process rationalisation: assembly, packaging and shipment process in harmony with other products.

Use of similar packaging to other product ranges.

Ensured contribution from regional stakeholders (designer, engineering companies, component suppliers).


Purchasing / Production / Logistics / Warehousing :

Priority search for local supply and sub-contracting partners:

11,6 % in Burgundy.

20,2 % in France.

68,2 % in Europe.

Globalised transportation purchasing in order to reduce vehicle flows and optimise load rates.

Recycling of all supplier bull packs.

Sorting of waste (plastic wrap, cartons, paper, etc.).

Véolia (located in our industrial area) collects three containers every 15 days.

Packaging optimised with Euro pallets (80 x 120) thus enabling us to save space on transport vehicles.

In-house carton design with integrated compartments (customer safety, time saving for our production teams, and reduction in final cost).

All of our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable cardboard. Local production (Beaune) to avoid high transport costs.

Use of hot melt glue rather than PVC adhesive to seal cartons.

Reduced weights in our new range of Koncept chairs (reduced transport costs).


Sales and Marketing :

Possibility of seat loans free of charge with very attractive discounts for seat purchases in order to avoid return costs and unnecessary transportation.

In 2013, we lent 197 seats, of which 108 were kept by customers.

As part of our export process, we work to optimise transport costs for our customers.

We are therefore in a position to make use of initial despatch by barge or rail. We also make use of the rail/road terminal at Gevrey.

As part of this initiative, we hold discussions with our (major account) customers to deliver directly their customers limiting unnecessary intermediate transportation.

We also offer to warehouse finished products in our premises to customers who are interested in this option.

Optimised our commercial trips in order to reduce petrol costs and CO2 emissions.

Paperless” communication.

• Discontinued catalogue printing in favour of our website.

• Generation of materials in PDF format (catalogues, leaflets, price lists, etc.).

• Sales lead by telephone and e-mail.

Development of a new multilingual Green IT concept web interface.

Users can in this way design and edit their own marketing support.


Information system :

Each of our employees must sign an IT charter providing a reminder of proper equipment and software use, including for example a reminder to switch off all central units and screens every evening.

We are fully aware that our design and production activities necessarily involve an impact on our environment.This is the reason why we have committed ourselves to take concrete measures to ensure that we are compliant with the law.

There is a lot of talks and sometimes relatively little actions on this -- very topical – subject, so we would like to end with this proverb :


« What beautiful harmony when deed and speech go forth hand in hand » Montaigne.