The HMD Group

The HMD Group (Holding Michaud Développement) is made up of two companies:
Biens and Navailles.. Each day the work of these teams is guided by the group’s core values. It is these same values that are shared by all and which legitimate the Kango and Navailles brands.

The HMD Group is founded in May 2005. Its goal is to become a leading group in the industrial and office furniture market. HMD’s approach combines traditional and modern values. It introduces certain changes that nonetheless allow each of its companies to remain autonomous. The aim is to maintain the strength of these family-owned businesses, renowned and recognised in the market,
and to infuse new blood into them with the help of the group’s teams.


First step in the constitution of HMD Group, the company Biens has been manufacturing and marketing, since its creation in 1982, the seats of the Kango brand.
Intended first and foremost for the industry and laboratories, the Kango seats comply with very specific and high requirements, regarding to their ergonomic qualities and sturdiness.

Today, Kango offers a complete range of more than 1000 models of chairs, stools and stand-up seats, available in stock.
In particular, Kango was the first to produce and patent, in 1994, the only real sit-stand seat on the market.
In 2013, Kango also released a brand new type of chair with revolutionary features. More than two years were needed to give birth to this new range called Koncept. While we take a highly technical, ergonomic approach to our range of products, we also pay particular attention to visual aspects of design. That is why we are really proud of this new range, which technological aspects provide a huge benefit on individuals regarding to posturology, and then facilitate work in « good health ».

Most of Kango chairs carry the GS label, guarantee of quality, ruggedness and safety.
Our products also benefit from a 1 to 5 year manufacturer's guarantee, depending on model.

As a manufacturer, our integrated R & D service and our reactivity allow us to respond to many specific requirements, by creating customized products.

Marketed directly, or through specialized retailers' network, in industry as well as laboratories, the Kango chairs are sold worldwide, with more than 50 % outside France.

Our multilingual sales force also provides constant technical advice and service to our customers.


Since 1966, Navailles has designed and manufactured office, contract and medical chairs.

15 000m²; 110 people are at the service of the brand, to confirm Navailles as a player that cannot be ignored in the seating world.

With the confluence of craftsmen and modern industry, Navailles has developped integrated services which today guarantees a real production autonomy. From the technical nature of the metal components, to the chairs handcrafted by our upholsterers, the modularity of a product certified "By Navailles", offers our clients the liberty to order a product adaptable to their taste.

In November 2007, the group HMD purchased Navailles. From this coming together, is born a larger product range and synergy of know hows : two assets which drives Navailles towards new commercial and technical territories.

An element essential of our daily life, a vector of design and atmosphere creator, which the new Navailles collection shows.

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