The first green IT website in Burgundy

What if I tell you that our new website is green IT ? Yes ! Actually, we are fully aware about our environment, this is the reason why we have decided to conceive a green IT website.

What do we mean by green software ? It is an efficiency action more than a performance one. The aim is to find the best possible balance between the performance level to reach (quality of service, time of answer, number of results, quality of pictures...) and the required quantity of resources (in IT processing and human) to reach this performance.

It implies to reconsider the whole IT design and development process to minimise the resource needs, from the application server to the user, by adding smartphones and tablets, which are yet in majority.

New practices in coding, application, management and data processing as well as server sittings allow to reach goals. The green IT allows a reduction of the ecological footprint between 20 to 40 %. More specifically, the average page weight is around 140 kilobytes. It is still twice the average of pages designed in 1995 but 10 times less than the current average weight !


On our website, each picture has three versions to minimise the weight regarding to the used apparatus : 30 kilobytes for a picture on office PC, 20 kilobytes for a picture on a tablet, 10 kilobytes for a picture for smartphone. The scripts developped with Javascript (mouse-over effect, various interactions,...) are limited to the maximum to stay in an economy of means or « frugal » development.

Regarding to environmental efficiency, the green IT software has an impact on energy efficiency, on the reduction of printing volume and the extension of the active lifetime of equipments (as well as on the reduction of ecological impacts of those equipments). It contributes to combat the planned obsolescence, to reduce the digital divide and enables the accessibility.

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